Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Okay with This...Really...I Am

So I went into the weekend expecting trouble. Certainly, I always hope for a win, but I expected Rattay to start, and I expected him to play well for what he can given his limited exposure to the offense.

And while Warner was able to play the whole game, he was clearly degraded from normal Kurt. Sure, I wish either of those interceptions could come back and make the difference. And I wish that penalty had not hit so hard to allow the Redskins to keep driving to a score. And I wish Q had just thrown the ball a little higher. And I wish the field goal attempt had been just a bit to the right.

But I have a good feeling about the rest of this year. First, there's the week to heal followed by the Bucs who are having an off year. Detroit is doing well, but the game is in Glendale. I like our chances. Cincinnati, San Francisco, Cleveland: the toughest test would be Cleveland, but again, we get that one at home. Seattle on the road is a tough spot, but finishing with New Orleans, Atlanta and St. Louis is certainly advantageous.

An 11-5 finish is very realistic. I'm sleeping well for the next two weeks.

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