Monday, October 31, 2005

Words Can't Describe

Scott Bordow of the East Valley Tribune posted an article that asks the important question. Just what is Green doing for the Cardinals.

Don't get me wrong. I want Dennis Green to come to Arizona a year before he actually made it. I still hold out hope that things will turn around. But Bordow correctly points out that two years in, we have yet to see the "improvements" translate into actual victories, and sadly, that's the point.

We suffered for years under Joe Bugel giving us the best losing team in football. It would sure be nice to not have to listen to friends and co-workers ridicule me for being stupid enough to follow the local team.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Man, What a (Great) Snoozer

There were points during the game yesterday when I wished I could just go to sleep. Certainly, the offense was encouraging me.

After the game, Denny mentioned that it was a great defensive matchup. Yes, that's it. Josh has Q running out to the flat, but he sees Lee open a few yards downfield. Result: interception.

And, yes, I was very impressed with the defense, but one of our group at the stadium asked, after the Titans scored a touchdown on their opening drive, what was wrong with the defense at the start of every game. Let's see...Giants first drive: TD; Rams first drive: TD; Seahawks first drive: TD; 49ers first drive: punt (their two touchdowns were on fumble recoveries); Panthers first drive: fumble; Titans first drive: TD.

So four of six games have started with the Cards digging themselves out of a hole. Yesterday was no exception.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy they won, and I sure hope they do the same against the Cowboys, but 173 yards of total offense is just pathetic. Baltimore was held to six points by the Bears but still gained 15% more yardage than the Cardinals.

I am not a rash person, but I believed before the game, and also now, that Kurt Warner should be manning the offense. Here's hoping Texas Stadium wakes up the team.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Kill Me. Kill Me Now.

Going into halftime, I was encouraged. The Cards were up, but they had clearly shown themselves what adjustments they needed to make in order to shut down the Panthers in the second half. It was only going to get better.

Then came the litany of turnovers that made the game unwinnable, or at least unwinnable for Arizona.

With over three minutes left, the fans started leaving en masse after McCown threw the jump ball on 4th down that was intercepted by Carolina. I asked some of them why they were leaving with so much time and three time outs available. No one answered. I should never have asked. So now I get to hope for the 11-5 season. It's a good thing our division is so bad (though amazingly, not as bad as the NFC North).

Take a week off fellas. Come back and tear apart Tennessee.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh, Joy!

I watched the game at the new home of our company's owners. They built a home theater in the basement with a 100+ inch screen (front projection), and the view was unbelievable. Of course, I was watching with a normal assortment of Cardinals detractors who, like oh so many people, insist that Bill Bidwill is the reason for the team's troubles over the years. I believe that assessment to be too simplistic.

To blame him for the team's failures, one would necessarily need to credit him for their successes, such as the Air Coryell years in St. Louis, but for those in need of simple explanations, the reasoning is that when things go wrong, it's Bidwill's fault. When they go right, it's in spite of Bidwill. I suggested that if Bidwill was so wrong, how do you reconcile Oakland choosing a former Cardinal head coach for their own team only to see that head coach flounder in Oakland just as he did in Arizona? I also weighed in on the success of Daniel Snyder in Washington. He's no hoarder of money, but his teams have been rather pathetic as well (this appears to be a better year, but being 3-0 for Washington is more an issue of a freak comeback against Dallas, winning in overtime when Seattle should have put them away in regulation, and winning at home against a less than impressive Bears team).

In other words, Bidwill could have made different choices that could have improved his success, but week in and week out, he is never the one putting on the pads.

Indeed, when the 49ers got off to that 14-0 lead, I was dreading hearing the incessant reminders of how stupid I am to be a fan, but a funny thing happened on the way to the NFC West cellar. The team woke up. The defense reminded us of their potential. The offense showed off why they have Boldin and Fitzgerald. And McKown showed why he was worthy as the starter last year. Oh, what a joyful game to watch.

And now, the Panthers get to play a Monday nighter followed by a short week of practice and travel across country to face us. And I suspect that either Seattle or St. Louis will lose (since they're playing each other). Time to move into second place.

Go Cards!