Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sometimes, I Hate Football

At the end of the 2003 season, as any good Cardinals fan (or Vikings fan for that matter) will remember, the final game of the year was at Sun Devil Stadium. Coach Mac was already a lame duck, and this was his final hurrah. So many Cards fans had bailed, and the Vikings had so much to gain that 2/3 of the stadium was filled with people wearing purple. On the second to last play of the game, Josh McCown was sacked leaving the Cardinals with the seemingly impossible task of scoring a touchdown from a quarter field away or losing. Fading back to pass, McCown barely escaped another sack sending the Vikings fans into a frenzy of happiness at their impending success only to see a desperation throw end up in the hands of Nate Poole giving the Cardinals an improbable win. In a matter of seconds, Vikings fans went from elation to disbelief desperately wanting to fix the incongruity of the moment.

I know how they felt. The moment the Cards fumbled the ball with only time to run out before kicking a game winning field goal was the sickly period that meant the difference between my elation of having the game won to the disbelief of a lost cause.

It should never have been that close. Dropped passes, stupid interceptions and a porous secondary all contributed to the game being closer than it deserved to be.

I am so pleased that next week's game takes place in Atlanta where I don't have to show up with the energy necessary to help the team to victory.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Continuing Bipolar Disorder

From the excessive happiness over last week's win to the anger and frustration attendant with yesterday's loss, keeping track of my emotions can be a challenging task.

For any reader who did not watch the game yesterday, Seattle beat Arizona handily 21-10. My emotions are running the gamut now.

First, there is the realization that when I plotted out the season and predicted 15-1, this was the one game I predicted as a loss (even a rabid fan has to show some restraint). So we're on track, right?

Wrong. Never figured into this one was the Monday night game against what I presumed to be a mediocre Chicago team. They've been anything but mediocre, but even that I have to temper with the knowledge that their impressive wins have come against Detroit and Green Bay, not exactly the cream of the NFL crop.

I also didn't envision an impressive San Diego team in San Diego. But, again, while San Diego has looked very good, they've done so against very bad teams (Oakland and Tennessee).

In other words, I'm still on board with the whole 15-1 thing, but I'd sure like to see the team play better. I'm off to a corner to lay down and mope for an hour about yesterday's game now.

Monday, September 11, 2006


First things first: if you're coming here to see pictures, sorry, but I forgot my camera in the excitement of the day.

On the Black Eyed Peas performance, well, they aren't really my speed, but they seemed to do quite well. I could have done without the fire effects as they simply reminded me of how hot Sun Devil Stadium used to be.

What a game! The crowd was pumped, they were loud, they were enthusiastic. The offense responded with a crowd pleasing performance (though the Monday night games have not yet been played, no other team scored 30 points yet this year). But as good as the offense was, the defense was dreadful. You can't base an entire season on a single game, but the 49ers are not exactly the cream of the crop in the NFL. I expected better.

Still, having the lead for virtually the entire game made everything go down better, even when the referee announced that San Francisco was getting a fourth time out in the first half. I wasn't even nervous when San Francisco recovered the onside kick at their own 38 with a half minute left in the game. Getting a touchdown from 62 yards away with no timeouts is not an easy proposition. I had faith, and the Cards rewarded me.

Now for Seattle and a real test.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Five Days and Counting

You know, this is my 19th year of being a fan (I'm quite the homer, and I grew up in Dallas), and I don't think I've ever felt this good going into the season. I expect victory in every home game. I expect victory in most of the road games. This year will be something special.

I recall the Rams of 1999. I remember week after week, Chris Berman asking the question of how many times a player could throw three touchdown passes in a game? I'm ready for the same greatness. It's a more seasoned version of the same quarterback but with better receivers this time.

Let's see, it's 12:05 now, that means I still have 121 hours to go.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Do I Do This?

When I started this blog last year, it was meant to chronicle my feelings during the course of the year as they related to my favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals. While discussion of the games is an aspect of what I write, the reader can get that in much better detail from the likes of the Arizona Republic. And while I take pictures that I share, again, they are not of the quality one can get from the local newspaper.

I wanted to have a reviewable history of the emotions I endured (as in last year) or enjoyed (as in this year) for future review. I'm happy to see that some people have viewed these posts, but I'm also a community minded person. If you are a fan and would like to join in this process, there is a link to the right that reads, "Drop me a line." I would be honored to have a few fans join me in this process. Even if you join, there is no obligation ever to post. If you have something to say, you would add it, if not, well, I've gone entire months without posting anything.

Here's hoping I hear from you.

Preseason Is Done!

I'm so pleased with how the A and B units performed last night. Have I said it before? This year is going to be special.

Sadly, I was unable to attend the game. It was the first game I missed since the season closer in Buddy Ryan's last year (I was sick beyond belief that night). In last night's case, it was important for us to shoot pool on our league night. I was destroyed two matches in a row. Sure wish I'd gone to the game, but in my place, my daughter and her husband were able to attend, so at least it wasn't a total loss.

Just nine more days until the games actually count.