Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Little Down Time

With the season over (at least for us), I find myself thinking about this site a bit less often. Still, I get the great stories even when they go 6-10.

Recently, my brother paid me a visit. On Christmas Eve, we found ourselves at my house watching the Cardinals play the 49ers. It was a good game, and I cheered regularly. My brother, meanwhile, even though he isn't even a San Francisco fan, thought I was cheering extra because I knew he had picked the 49ers to win. I couldn't seem to make him understand that I would be cheering that loudly even if I was alone in the house. Oh, well.

So for the rest of his visit, he was a bit flustered which helped me beat him more than he beat me at pool (even though he is better than I am). As an aside, I'm quite the pool fan and play in local leagues. But the web site of the league operator leaves a bit to be desired, so I created a website named www.myarizonabilliards.com just so I could create a forum for pool players in Arizona. It won't be limited to APA discussions, but that's where my expertise is. We'll see what happens.