Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And the beat goes on

I'm sick.

No, I'm not sick of my team, though certainly I would have reason to be. No, I've caught a cold that should have been my excuse for not attending last Sunday's game. But I went anyway.

I saw a Redskins team that had no business winning but did anyway. The Cardinals gave up yet another touchdown return that ended up being the difference between winning and losing.

The folks who sit in the two seats in front of me had more important things to do than attend a football game, so they let their $62.70 seats go empty this week. What a good idea. I am beat. I am discouraged. Next week, the Cards travel to Houston to take on the worst team in the league, and according to the latest line, it's the most closely matched game of the week. How pathetic. Another year of being good enough to not get a top draft pick but being bad enough to be embarassing.