Monday, August 06, 2007

Why Am I Uneasy?

So another season is upon us. My tickets arrived on Thursday, and I'm certainly ready for the season to begin, but my annual expectation of perfection just has not yet arrived. Or maybe it has, and I just don't feel it today. I don't know.

The tickets are in a nice book again, but this year's edition has smaller tickets with no embossing, no gift for all season ticket holders. It's clearly a cost savings measure, but it would have been nice to see the team at least maintain the standards of last year, given that the team on the field certainly did not impress.

My brother is coming for a visit in two weeks that will coincide with the first preseason home game. To make it an event, I bought 7 additional tickets on Stubhub (ripoff artists, but I'll be back) for my brother, his wife, my mother, my daughter, my nephew, my daughter's boyfriend and another of my daughter's friends.

So another season is upon us. Let's see how I feel about this after the Raiders game.

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samurai said...

I am sorry to hear about the possible losses your team suffered at the hands of the Raiders. The final score is irrelavent because the games are more for evaluating the talent on the roster than anything else.

I found your blog while trying to track down information on a local boy - Ricky Schmitt. He's an undrafted rookie FA. He comes from the same school I met my wife at.

I'll root for your boys if he should make the team - well, except for the Oct. 14th game... when my team comes for a visit to your stadium. ;~)