Monday, August 20, 2007

Preseason vs. the Texans

So the live football is upon us again! Oh, what a feeling to walk into the stadium and know that a new year has begun full of promise.

I had family visiting from out of town, so my caravan to the stadium carried a total of 11 fans, all destined for Section 111.

As to the action on the field, I was happy. So the defense looked porous. Clancy says it's because he's holding back. But the offense looked sharp, and the team did some good scoring. Next week is the bigger test, what with it being San Diego and 3rd week of the preseason. I'm ready for new action.

Extra for John: Ricky looked good on kickoffs but had a bad punt in there. He's clearly got an NFL future, but he is not likely to make this year's Cardinals squad.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd. Greetings from Western Ohio from one of the team's biggest fans around here! Since you were at the game, I'll go with what you said..but, after reading the stats and the reviews it seems like the team still lacks some discipline (penalties, turnovers, big plays). It will be fun to see how the team does against San Diego!

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