Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here's to Good Health!

So the regular season is almost upon us. Unlike previous years, the Cardinals have done what they needed to do to minimize preseason injuries. No team comes out unscathed, and the questions about Karlos Dansby and Oliver Ross will continue, but compared to previous years, this team has reason to be happy.

I spent last week in Las Vegas for a pool tournament (we came in 129th place...woo hoo!), and I put a small amount down on the Cards to beat the Bears. Of course, once the game was over, I wished I had put down more and that I had taken odds to play a straight up win. Well, bets are easier to place once the results are in, and it was a preseason game.

One more week until the regular season begins. The five months of Christmas are only eight days away!

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