Monday, August 14, 2006

Game One is in the Books

So, August 12th represented the opening of the stadium. You probably need to be deaf and blind not to know about this, but I don't care. What a great day!

The team warned all of us to arrive early since traffic questions would remain well after the game had ended, so we decided to leave two hours before kickoff. As we headed south on Loop 101, we found traffic backing up just after Cactus. We held out but finally bailed at Olive to attempt a 91st Avenue approach.

It did no good. 91st Avenue was awful as well. With the lot between Glendale and Northern feeding shuttle buses, it remained frustrating, but by 11:45, we were in our parking place. A note to the planners here: if it takes two minutes for the next car to arrive in the lot, you're probably doing something wrong.

The building was amazing, but I suspect any reader has already heard much about that. I've seen some amazing shots of the field sized flag rolled out at the national anthem, but this represents the flag as I saw it. I love the angle I have with the field.

As the game began, the defense did its part and prevented (along with an errant field goal attempt: must have been the wind) any scoring on Pittsburgh's part. That was followed by a drive down the field using the pass (the run game still needs work) culminating in a touchdown catch by former first rounder, Bryant Johnson. That's right, it wasn't Q or Fitz, it was BJ. What a year we're going to have.

Since I wanted to enjoy the game, I didn't have my camera at the ready all game long, but I did get a decent shot of the defense stuffing a run in the second half. Note how far behind the line the runner is as he's being thrown to the ground.

I know it's only preseason, but this season will be special.

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mike said...

I went to the Cardinals stadium 8/19 for a tour. It was a wretched zoo. The field was tied up with an exposition. The seats were blocked off from the fans. All you could do was walk in a circle and leave. No guides, no info on the stadium. I learned more from tv and the AZ Republic than from being there. The Cardinals could have done a much better job of playing up the stadium to the fans. Only going to the gift shop made the visit positive.