Monday, October 24, 2005

Man, What a (Great) Snoozer

There were points during the game yesterday when I wished I could just go to sleep. Certainly, the offense was encouraging me.

After the game, Denny mentioned that it was a great defensive matchup. Yes, that's it. Josh has Q running out to the flat, but he sees Lee open a few yards downfield. Result: interception.

And, yes, I was very impressed with the defense, but one of our group at the stadium asked, after the Titans scored a touchdown on their opening drive, what was wrong with the defense at the start of every game. Let's see...Giants first drive: TD; Rams first drive: TD; Seahawks first drive: TD; 49ers first drive: punt (their two touchdowns were on fumble recoveries); Panthers first drive: fumble; Titans first drive: TD.

So four of six games have started with the Cards digging themselves out of a hole. Yesterday was no exception.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy they won, and I sure hope they do the same against the Cowboys, but 173 yards of total offense is just pathetic. Baltimore was held to six points by the Bears but still gained 15% more yardage than the Cardinals.

I am not a rash person, but I believed before the game, and also now, that Kurt Warner should be manning the offense. Here's hoping Texas Stadium wakes up the team.

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