Monday, October 10, 2005

Kill Me. Kill Me Now.

Going into halftime, I was encouraged. The Cards were up, but they had clearly shown themselves what adjustments they needed to make in order to shut down the Panthers in the second half. It was only going to get better.

Then came the litany of turnovers that made the game unwinnable, or at least unwinnable for Arizona.

With over three minutes left, the fans started leaving en masse after McCown threw the jump ball on 4th down that was intercepted by Carolina. I asked some of them why they were leaving with so much time and three time outs available. No one answered. I should never have asked. So now I get to hope for the 11-5 season. It's a good thing our division is so bad (though amazingly, not as bad as the NFC North).

Take a week off fellas. Come back and tear apart Tennessee.

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