Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Well Adjusted Again

First, my favorite picture from the trip:

Two and a half minutes to play, the Cardinals have won the game.
You know, plenty of people say that they are happy just to have seen the team in the game, but I can't shake the notion that the Cardinals should have won that game. Unfortunately, my reason for thinking that mirrors so many games in the Cardinals history.
I remember the games in Denny Green's last season. That home game against the Rams. It should have been put away with a relatively easy field goal, but Rackers missed. Kansas City was beat, but Bryant Johnson dropped a touchdown pass that couldn't have been thrown more accurately. Even the famous Monday nighter against the Bears came down to another closing seconds field goal that should have won it for the Cards only to see the Bears win.
Still, I have hope.
Will Boldin bolt? Right now, I don't care. Certainly I want him on the team since he is, unknown to those outside of Arizona, Larry Fitzgerald's equal. That's not taking anything away from Fitz: his season this year has been stellar. No, I'm saying Q is just as good and in different ways that make the combination of the two unbelievable. But if he's so unhappy, I can live with him moving on to another team. Breaston is not Q, but he's good in his own right.
Will Warner return? Not to sound like a broken record, but right now, I don't care. I would love to see him return for another year and another shot at winning a second Super Bowl. More than that, I want my voice mail greeting to continue to be relevant. But if Kurt feels he's ready to move on, I have complete faith in Matt Leinart.
Going to the game was magical and heartbreaking. While I bought more souvenirs than I usually do at a football game, I approached the game the same as I do any other game. And when the game went south, I was upset. We left as soon as the game ended, and returned to Orlando (where we stayed for the weekend) without delay.
And now we have the off season. This should be the most interesting I've ever seen from this team. I'm just glad the off season is a month shorter this year.

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