Monday, September 24, 2007

This is how conspiracy theories start.

I have an otherwise intelligent friend who believes that on 9/11/01, the US government fired a missile into the Pentagon and used a black airplane coordinated with explosive charges to bring down the World Trade Center. He's mistaken. And, by the way, for the legions of you who agree with my friend, post as many comments as you like. I can't seem to convince him of his temporary lunacy: I doubt I'll be able to convince you.

But maybe there's something to this conspiracy thing. In the first half of yesterday's game against the Ravens, the team was severely lackluster. Then Kurt Warner came in to save the day.

It was amazing. After spotting Baltimore a 23-6 lead, Kurt leads the team to 17 unanswered points. This game is headed into overtime. All the Cardinals need to do is prevent the Ravens from scoring in the final minute. They go into a prevent. After all, Baltimore has only limited opportunity to stop the clock. By keeping play in the middle of the field, things should go well.

Then the yellow hankie comes out. Adrian Wilson gets called for a hard hit that was completely legal. His shoulder hits the shoulder of Todd Heap very solidly. Curiously, the official sees him leading with his forearm to the opponents head. Replays clearly show that a) it was not the forearm and b) it was not the head. Merry Christmas, Baltimore. Have another 15 yards.

Games should never come down to a single play. When the game can hinge on whether or not an official blows a call, then your team has not won convincingly enough. Still, this single blown call was the difference between two teams playing for superiority and one team being handed three points.

I'm bitter. Still, it's only one game, and the Cardinals schedule still retains plenty of opportunity for improvement, but I wish a bad call had not overshadowed such brilliant performances by Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin.

On to next week...


Bruce (Ravens) said...

As a Ravens fan, I might be glad at least we won, but I too, thought Wilson's hit on Heap was hard but legal. I saw on the replay what the refs might have said was a forearm "shiver," but as you say, at such a critical time, why call it, especially since he held onto the ball! Either way, it's still a win and don't forget how the Ravens got "jobed" at the end of the first game on MNF at Cincinnati. Anyway you look at it, the game is 60 minutes and neither one of us should have been in that situation if we had played better in the first 59 minutes. As far as the Conspiracy Theory, Baltimore fans have a real case as we remember Paul Tagliabue telling us not to build a football stadium and we should instead build a museum, as we were not going to ever get a football team to replace the Colts. Since we came into the league, it has seemed all the refs have it out for us. Finally, your team looked real good offensively under Warner, even though I think Leinart (spelled right this time!) will be a good QB. It's just that besides Wilson, your defense can't tackle very good. I was in Scottsdale for a wedding on Labor Day - great area and wonderful weather. Good luck this season!

Lloydian said...

Thanks for the kind words. Here's to helping the Ravens' cause by pulling off the upset Sunday against Pittsburgh!