Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Three Months Later...An Update

So, I haven't made a post in quite a while, but issues abound in the Cardinals universe.

Issue 1: New coaching: I like the hire (who doesn't?). Don't get me wrong, when they hired Dennis Green, I was at the front of the cheering section. Even now, I'm not convinced that Denny was so bad so much as he just had an unbelievable run of bad luck. That said, Whisenhunt excites me, so I'm ready for the new year.

Issue 2: Free agency: I wish I could say that I'm up on all the moves, but this year's crop of players just isn't as exciting as past years have been. Or maybe I'm just lethargic because I've spent the last month moving. In any event, this year won't be the same as last year, and a single signing so far of a Cowboys center I've never heard of isn't anything to write home about.

Issue 3: Ticket prices: Wow, did they ever go up! In 2005, I paid $61.20 per game (plus half the parking fee of $5 per game for a total of $63.70 per game) for tickets on the 30 yard line on the shaded side of the field. In 2006, that number went to $79.25, a 24% increase. And in 2007, the number jumps to $87.00, a 10% increase for a total two year jump of 36.6%. Just a couple of years ago, the average ticket price hovered around $40. Next year that average will be nearly $74. That's a lot of price hiking. And while I don't expect the team to take a hit for it this year, I'd be willing to bet that the season ticket base is not a sellout in 2008 without something drastic happening.

Arizona still has me, but at these prices, I'm suddenly considering getting into the scalping business for a game or two.

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