Friday, May 12, 2006

Time Marches On

There is an aspect of football that I don't like. To the studious reader, I'm sure you know that this will not be an indication of a real problem so much as a frustration.

The season, while it is the perfect length, is too short.

Basketball starts in November and doesn't finish until June. That's eight months of watching roundball.

Hockey starts in November and doesn't finish until June. In truth, hockey is shorter than basketball, but not much.

Baseball season starts in April and continues through October. That's seven months of good baseball.

Football season begins in September and is done five short months later.

My point is that I grow weary of the very long off season for the NFL. Sure, they give us NFL Europe, but it just isn't the same.

So let's see what we need to keep in mind on the calendar. Payment for season tickets is due on 5/31. That's 19 days away. Training camp opens somewhere around 7/24, so there are about 73 days until then. The first preseason game is 8/12, so there are 91 days until then. Opening day for the team in the regular season is four weeks later, so we have 120 days until opening day.

Sure wish I had more than 20 fingers and toes.

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