Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If they can do it, so can I

Since every sports pundit in the country has taken the time to inform us of how this season will end up, I have decided to do the same. So, on to my dubious, at best, predictions.

NFC West

It should come as no surprise to anyone who can read the name of my blog how I pick this division to end up. What may surprise some is that I think that this will be a surprisingly powerful division this year. While I respect the Rams offense, the overall balance in Seattle should provide them with a wild card entry into the post season.
Cardinals (15-1)
Seahawks (10-6)
Rams (8-8)
49ers (1-15)

NFC North

While I would love to see Favre wind down his career on a high note, I have little confidence in his team. The Vikings look tough, though I don't think a Mike Tice led team will ever be truly great.
Vikings (13-3)
Packers (6-10)
Lions (4-12)
Bears (3-13)

NFC South

Here is the other tough NFC division. While I like the Falcons, they sure have a rough schedule compared to the Panthers.
Panthers (12-4)
Falcons (10-6)
Buccaneers (8-8)
Saints (4-12)

NFC East

Yet another weak year for the East. I don't see Philadelphia being as dominant as last year, but with little competition in this division, they'll have a better record than they deserve.
Eagles (12-4)
Cowboys (9-7)
Giants (6-10)
Redskins (4-12)

AFC West

The AFC, once again, appears to be tougher than the NFC. As a result, teams that otherwise would have made it to the post season will be stopped due to the volume of quality in this conference. And the West will be the toughest division of them all.
Chiefs (14-2)
Chargers (10-6)
Raiders (7-9)
Broncos (7-9)

AFC North

This division will come back to earth after last year's stellar showing by Pittsburgh. I still expect greatness from them, but Ben could not have two consecutive lucky streaks.
Steelers (12-4)
Ravens (10-6)
Bengals (6-10)
Browns (5-11)

AFC South

And now for the obvious choice of the list: who will win this division?
Colts (14-2)
Jaguars (11-5)
Titans (8-8)
Texans (3-13)

AFC East

And now for the weakest division in football. Not only do I expect a weak showing from the defending champs, but the division around them will be awful. Expect a cake walk for the Patriots, at least until playoff games begin.
Patriots (11-5)
Jets (8-8)
Bills (3-13)
Dolphins (2-14)

As I've already stated before, I've already placed my bet on the Cardinals to win Super Bowl XL (over the Colts, in case you're curious). I look forward to seeing how stupid I was in very short order.

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