Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'd Feel Better if Rolle Was Signed

But then that goes without saying.

As many people making blog entries do (I hate to call myself a "blogger" since I'm not that serious about it), I waste entirely too much time on the Internet. Today, I visited the ESPN site and looked at the SportsNation polls.

They had one about NFL jerseys. Which player would you buy? Would you buy Terrell Owens? How many do you own? I had to laugh when I got to the last question. "Are you wearing a jersey right now?" Yes, I'm wearing Rob Moore right now.

I love the scene in "Fletch" where Larry (Geena Davis) observes him and says, "Magic today?" He replies, "Yeah, Kareem's in the wash."

On any given day, for me, it will be one of Joyner, Hill, Williams (35), Plummer, Tillman, Moore, Smith (22), Boston, Wadsworth, Sanders. Notably, I tend to buy a player right before he leaves the team (true of all but Emmitt).

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